The So-called Friend

March 10, 2018
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The So-called Friend

Usually, Julia hated business trips: endless conferences, presentations without any connection to reality, and dinners with snobs who desperately flirted with any woman nearby. That’s why she struggled to muster any enthusiasm when she was invited on a business trip to Asia.

“Don’t be silly,” her husband said. “Free trips to Asia don’t come along every day. I’m sure it will be something you’ll remember forever.”

And in fact, her husband was right. The conference was outstanding. The participants were enthusiastic, people were so friendly, and even during meetings, time was literally flying by. After three days, Julia was happy but also exhausted. She was really looking forward to meeting up with her husband and children the next day. At the conference’s final dinner, a special guest was introduced: William P. Julia could not believe her eyes. It was William, her close friend from university. She hadn’t seen him in so long!

“Julia, what the heck are you doing here?” he cried out when he saw her. “My God, you look amazing! Haven’t changed a bit since last time I saw you. When was that, 15 years ago?”

Julia and William spent the entire evening together. They chatted for hours about mutual friends, then danced and felt as if the years had melted away. In college, William had secretly harboured feelings for Julia. Tonight, he could not hide them anymore. And as for Julia, she was enjoying his attentions too. And the wine, which was so good..

It was about 2 in the morning when William asked her to join him in his room. Julia declined–at first. But he whispered in her ear so sweetly. The way he smelled and the touch of his hands, everything about this guy was intoxicating, irresistible. She gave in. Up in his bedroom, she suddenly spotted their reflections in the mirror. They were close to each other. Too close and too drunk…

The next morning was filled with remorse. With a hangover worse than any she’d had in her twenties, Julia hurried to the airport, leaving William a message that it was best never to contact her again. Back at home, she went on a long-planned weekend trip with her husband and kids.

A few hours after they reached their holiday house–PING! –It was her phone. She knew it was a message from William. What did he want? Ping, ping, ping!—more messages incoming.

She grabbed her phone and stared at the display. Images. Several images of her, naked in William’s hotel room. A message appeared on the screen: “Honey, I’ve wanted to fuck you for a long time. You always tossed me aside like I’m nothing, but now things will change. If you don’t want to play with me anymore, I will tell your husband, your kids, your boss, and everyone you know what a slutty bitch you are!”

Julia stopped breathing. She hadn’t seen that coming. She thought they had been friends…But they weren’t. And Julia was not 20 anymore. She was not a little girl or naïve young student; she was a grown woman and not the kind of person who surrendered and accepted blackmail. She knew what to do. A friend of hers who experienced a similar problem had told her about the services of a team called Mr Black. That very same day, Julia met with a Mr Black detective, a man who neither commented on nor judged her situation.

Just one day later, she received a call. “It’s done,” he said. “Enjoy your day.” For a moment, she sat there in silence. Then she called William. “Is there anything else you want to get from me, William?” she asked. Without saying a word, he hung up and never contacted Julia again.

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