Cinderella’s double game.

January 10, 2018 Author

Cinderella’s double game.

“But Dad, she just wants your money!“ little Ben squealed. Twelve-year-old Emilie joined in to express her anger as well. The two children usually didn’t yell or complain, but it was a habit they’d begun to pick up from their father, Christoph.

Christoph had never been an outgoing guy, and after his wife died, he grew even more reserved and withdrawn. Undoubtedly, it was a tough time for him. Time that taught him how to cry and his children how to shout. For ages, it seemed that nothing would be right again—until he met her: Sophie.

Christoph had bumped into her during a charity party at a friend’s house. She was taller, blond, with a beautiful figure and the smile of a fallen angel. His s friend Michael had introduced him as a short but adorable gentleman with deep pockets. Soon enough Christoph was bewitched and so was Sophie. They had romantic dinners, attended concerts, and even went for a weekend trip with his little family. And they had sex. Stunning sex.

Yet his children would not stop complaining. Some of Christoph’s friends had even suggested that they looked like father and daughter instead of a couple. And that was the unfortunate truth. Sophie was only 24 years old and had recently graduated from college in the United States–at least, that’s what she told him. She moved to Europe to “get inspired,” “to find her destiny,” and above all, “to find love.”

As the heady infatuation of their early courtship faded, Christoph had to admit that his children might be right and wondered with growing intensity if his money was the sole attraction for Sophie. He made attempts to learn more about her, asking about her family, but she avoided responding. Sometimes she gave snippets of information about her time at college, but in a piecemeal way, never divulging too much. Christoph became gravely concerned: just who was this woman he had invited into his life? Had he introduced a scammer to his children?  Fear consumed him.

Desperately seeking clarity, Christoph contacted the Mr Black agency and explained his situation. Mr Black’s experts got straight to work. Receiving results took only a week, but to Christoph, it seemed an eternity. At last, Mr Black’s agent delivered to him a full dossier of information on Sophie. Before confronting Sophie with the findings, Christoph went to Ben and Emilie to tell them the news. “Oh, fuck!” said Emilie. This time, no one admonished her.


“Why didn’t you just tell me?” he asked. “Why?”

Sophie rose from her chair and stared through the window at the luxury cars parked in a line outside, the large backyard, and the guest house next to the large oak. She looked breathtaking.

“I wanted to find a man who could get to know me as a person…someone who would like me for me.” said Sophie van der Wood, sole heiress to the multibillion-dollar fortune of her late parents.


Fairy tales happen, even if they are rare. All too often, we find ourselves falling in love with someone who seems too good to be true. We’re swept away without even a second thought to potential red flags. But if red flags appear, it’s better to investigate further before you find yourself or your loved ones in danger. It might be painful in the beginning, but not doing so might be even more painful in the end. If your instincts tell you that someone is untrustworthy, take the following steps before rushing into anything.

First, don’t be impressed just by a person’s appearance. A healthy mistrust often serves to protect you from people you don’t know very well. Your instincts are there to keep you safe; use them.  Second, keep a clear head and maintain appropriate boundaries. If someone asks you for a little money once in a while, be careful. If someone repeatedly asks you for larger sums of money, you’re probably in a trap. Third, stay calm. What you‘re going through is known as “emotional extortion.”

Don’t worry, you are not the only one. Emotional extortion happens even more often than direct financial extortion. And fourth, know that you have options. It’s perfectly understandable if you don’t want to confront him or her immediately with all of your doubts: doing so often leads to hurt feelings, and you may or may not trust any answers you receive. In this case, there is only one way forward: hire someone to perform a discreet background check. You will receive the person‘s full dossier very soon.

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