The Lovely Intrigue

April 1, 2018 Author

The Lovely Intrigue

The Lovely Intrigue

Sunday evening was supposed to be an uneventful one for Anna: she had dinner at home with her husband Joachim. Afterwards, they watched a movie on TV and went to bed by 11pm. Unfortunately, things were about to get more interesting.

Anna was sleeping when suddenly Joachim’s phone vibrated. Her husband woke up, took his phone from the bedside table, and stared at the display. Anna sensed his shock when he realized whose number it was. Joachim did not take the call; instead he cut the connection and rolled over without saying a word. Anna was worried but too scared to ask anything, so she lay there pretending to sleep. But she couldn’t, for the phone rang again and again…

The next morning, after a terribly sleepless night, Anna summoned up all her courage and went to Joachim.

“Who was that?” she asked nervously at the breakfast table.

“Wrong number,” he said, without looking up from his newspaper.

This was definitely not the reaction Anna expected. Now, she was growing seriously worried. Later that evening, she decided to do something she had never done before and snooped through her husband’s text messages…

“Joachim, I need to reach you. Please pick up the phone and answer my messages. I can’t do anything without you—our plans are almost ready, but I need your help. Bettina“

With tears in her eyes, Anna stared at Joachim’s phone display. Could this really be true? The couple had never faced serious issues with each other, but maybe that was the problem. Had their relationship become too boring for him? Had he stepped out to look for more excitement?

It took a lot of strength, but Anna managed to stay calm. After Joachim left home the next morning, she immediately called her best friend Diana. Anna knew that some time ago, Diana had doubted her husband’s fidelity too. She hoped that Diana would know what to do.

“This is absolute nonsense,” Diana replied, when Anna confided her suspicions. She could barely believe Anna’s words. “But on the other hand, it does seem shady. Anna, if you really want to find out what’s going on, call Mr Black.”

Diana gave Anna the phone number. One day later, Anna met with an agent from Mr Black and explained her problem to him.

“I need to know the truth, no matter how awful it is,” she said resolutely.

“You will know soon,” the agent replied.

A few days later, Mr Black’s agent called Anna to schedule a secret meeting.

“Anna, I don’t know how to explain,” he began, as they sat in the lobby of a city hotel. “What I can guarantee is that your husband is not cheating on you. But anything else would be better explained by him.” Suddenly, Joachim appeared from around the corner of the lobby. He sat and spoke with Anna, and in the end, she cried with pure joy.

One week later, Bettina and Anna met.

“I can’t believe he did all this for me!“ Anna said over and over again. Bettina laughed. “He told me it was your biggest dream in life to move to South Africa. He contacted me because everything should go smoothly for you.” Anna left Bettina’s office with a huge grin. She took a taxi to the airport, where Joachim was already waiting for her.


Such a story could happen, at least in theory. But let’s be honest. Miracles rarely happen in real life. If your partner is receiving curious messages in the middle of the night, chances are low that he or she is really planning a surprise move to the country of your dreams.

If you ever find yourself in such a situation, stay on the safe side by seeking professional help and engaging the services of a detective agency like The Mr Black Agency. Your partner may or may not be cheating, and Mr Black can tell you for sure. At the very least, Mr Black would know what kind of clothes to pack in your suitcase!

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