The Fate of bankers: Where do all the suicides in the financial world come from?

September 1, 2017
September 1, 2017 Author

The Fate of bankers: Where do all the suicides in the financial world come from?

The suicide series, which was discovered about two years ago, includes more than 60 victims. But the dark figure of controversial deaths in the world of money is much higher…

Especially in 2014 and 2015, a series of fatal accidents and tragic suicides took place in the financial world. Almost weekly were new victims announced, all of them were employed by banks, investment houses or large financial management companies. The death circumstances of the victims were frequently astonishing: Many of them threw themselves out of windows of skyscrapers, others have strangled themselves at home, one of them even tortured himself with a nail gun. Still, others did not kill themselves but had fatal accidents, some were on business trips from which they never returned. In total, more than 60 victims were recorded in the two years, and many of them from the years before 2014 are not even included in that.

The financial sector is a tough area, as anyone who has ever dealt with it knows. Campaigns like the “pencils down”, where many works should be put down at least on the weekend, had to be officially obeyed and unofficially ignored. As an employee, you rarely have time for your family and friends. To deal with this pressure is not always easy. However, also ways to compensate that stress was successfully established in the financial sector: most of the time it’s glaring parties at foreign continents.

Anyone who still sues and is ambitious enough, rises in the corporate hierarchy. Head of a department, branch manager, the way to the top is always open. But there are also people who cannot stand the bizarre mixture of exorbitant lifestyle and unyielding pressure. After all, many people have deceived their wives, others have lost control of their drug use, and even worse—even if they did not care about their actions, they all have witnesses to all those things, who care and could use it against them. Nevertheless, whoever cannot counter all of that with the desired, indifferent casualness is inevitably defamed to a problem. Because if there is one thing the financial sector does not like at all, it is security gaps.

Whoever is involved in confidential projects but is considered too weak to deal with this information according to company ethos will be tested quickly and extensively. This starts with coworker bullying, goes over to psych attacks and sometimes ends with washy threat or extortion. Finally, there is enough information to eliminate. Whether one is sorted out or not, is then no longer in his own hand. Finding ways out of such a scenario is difficult. To consult professional help is one of the possible ways to go. The victims of the 2014/15 suicide series have probably decided against help from outside. But obviously, not everything that happens in the financial sector can be solved successfully by themselves.

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