The silent war of managers

August 25, 2017
August 25, 2017 Author

The silent war of managers

The façade shines from the outside, but the real fighting is carried out behind the scenes—intrigues are the silent weapon of the leadership front against unintended co-workers. They are concealed, step by step, and are on the agenda of countless national and international companies—with serious consequences for those who are affected.

Whether banks, insurance companies, the car or food industry, the methods of the intrigues differ ultimately in form and execution, but basically the perpetrators use the same old tools all the time—insinuation, character assassination, bullying or psycho-games are the most common. Intrigue is the small rumors, which are whispered in the lunch break. They are the mischievous grin of the boss when you enter the room, the constant driveling of the colleagues, the slowly emerging feeling of being bullied, and they usually don’t stop until a big showdown comes. How that exactly looks is uncertain, but an abrupt dismissal of the victim is often still the most innocuous variant. Thus, most of the perpetrators have achieved their goal, the rival is banned and the way free for their own ascent. But for those affected by such attacks, the collateral damage always goes beyond a mere canceling. Frequently they will be accused of false facts, common accusations are alleged sex affairs or illegitimate children, excessive drug consumption or the tendency to indulge in voyeuristic habits. In extreme cases, victims are even accused of pedophilia. If it is already too late for an intervention, both the reputation and the impartiality of the victim quickly become a reminder of past days, even if the accusations turn out to be wrong afterward. However, in-house intrigues contain yet another significant danger—the public scandal. Avoiding and mitigating scandals and, in the worst case, sustaining lasting damage is becoming increasingly important for companies—but not simpler. Should intriguing events reach the public, public scandals inevitably become an integral part of the process. Newspapers, online magazines, television—all of them are keenly interested in how things really go behind the closed doors of global operations. Whether intriguers or perpetrators, in such a case the reputation never remains undamaged, with serious consequences for companies and entrepreneurs. Therefore, in such cases, the one and only supreme rule to avoid such miserable situations is to prevent it before it happens. Sometimes help from outside is the only chance for affected people to turn things around. Never miss that point, or is it already too late?

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