Stars, red carpets and sexual abuses

August 13, 2017
August 13, 2017 Author

Stars, red carpets and sexual abuses

The type of media scandals thousands of celebrities have experienced: Explicit photos of VIPs circulating on the internet, providing attention to ludicrous fans, but in the broad masses they rather ring for annoyance and incomprehension. But the actual scandal is usually not the pictures themselves—the actual scandal usually happens in advance.

VIPs are by far the most popular victim group for sexual blackmail. On one hand, the members of the high society are usually quite capable of paying, so the perpetrators can demand high sums for their silence. On the other hand, celebrities are also more willing to pay than others because they have a broad media interest and a special focus on their reputation. If their image does not fit into today’s picture, projects get lost, long-standing customers separate or start looking for alternatives. Career damage can be long-term and, in extreme cases, lead to social exclusion—this is why many VIPs prefer paying silently instead of preventing the danger. Though this is a popular method to deal with such a problem, it is highly ineffective. Most blackmailers, after succeeding for the first time, see the golden goose in their victims, which is predestined to be slaughtered.

Instead of a one-time payment, the blackmail goes down; step by step, continuous higher sums will be required. If the victim obeys, things start getting out of their hands: If and to what time the offender ceases will be directed from him. And simply to rely on the routinely used good words of a blackmailer is more than naive. Carelessness in dealing with sensitive data and therefore entering blackmail scenarios are just two of the common mistakes that are made repeatedly by VIPs. There is a reason why the number of unreported cases of sexual blackmailing is as high as in almost no other area. Without external help, it is almost impossible to solve the problem discreetly. It is laudable to be entrusted to friends or family in such situations, but they mostly do not have the necessary know-how to defuse the situation quickly and effectively. This task requires professional investigators who are specially trained in dealing with extreme situations, especially in public area. Only those who realize the problem of sexual blackmailing in all its dimensions knows where to find the best help. All others are, in this case, at their mercy.

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